Hanna Hillier

I am an Iraqi-British photographer currently based in London, specializing in Beauty Photography & Directing.

I shoot models, product + texture macros and love how the three interconnect to build eye-catching content.


We Need Change

As a 'plus size' mixed ethnicity woman I didn't see anybody like me in the media growing up. I think the industry is continuously failing women, we need less retouching, more skin positivity & and I want to create much deeper diversity both in front of the camera & behind the scenes.

We need the industry to change drastically, and we need that change now.



I work alongside amazing producers to create assets for UK based & US/ international clients on a remote basis. Via my Creative Agency I have incredible & solid teams in place and can work quickly to bring your shoot to life!

I do everything from Creative Direction to Casting, alongside the Directing & Photography.

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